Template of acceptable RfQ (Request for Quotation).

An RfQ will be processed as long as it contains the following essential information. Vague and incomplete RfQs shall be ignored*.

Customer Full details, address, registration, license and other credentials (applies to commercial entities).
End User End User armed force and country.
End Use Application Weapon system or platform for which materiel is required.
Part No. Ordtech or other Manufacturer's equivalent Part No.
N.S.N National Stock Number according to N.A.T.O classification, if applicable.
Description Description or Nomenclature of materiel required.
Quantity Quantity is essential as it affects to a greater or lesser extent the price.
Procurement procedure Invitation to Tender, Invitation to Bid, Outright Purchase, Direct Negotiation are typical procedures. State precisely which procedure applies to the subject RfQ and any additional information known.


-1- RfQs for budgetary purposes, information collection or non applicable to an actual operational requirement shall be ignored.
-2- Commercial & Trading companies, although not expected to possess in depth technical knowledge of military and aerospace materiel, are required to have a basic comprehension of what is required by the End User. Ordtech does not provide knowledge seminars or education courses.
-3- Attention to Enquiring Parties, sending RfQs : demonstrate self-respect ! Type the RfQ ! If there are more than one line items, use a data sheet, data base format (e.g : RfQ.xls, etc). DO NOT SCAN some original document, issued by the end user and copy-paste. Such enquiries are ignored and the enquiring party is permanently black listed.