Systems and Products manufactured and supported


Group 10 Group 14 Group 20
Group 70
GPS Guided Bombs Launchers & Rockets 2.75" Ammunition ARGES ThermaL Imaging MissiLe Guidance System NEW
Laser Guided Bombs Python Ground Launcher 2.75"
KERES Drone UAV Anti-Jamming RF Link NEW
Laser Warning System NEW Launchers & Rockets 68 mm Group 30 Drone Weaponization  NEW

Intervalometers M39 cannon 20 mm Drone Mortar Fuzes  NEW 
Group 11 SUU-20 Rocket Bombs Dispenser Rh202 cannon 20 mm Laser Warning System NEW
General Purpose Bombs SUU-25 Flare Dispenser M61 cannon 20 mm
Pre-Fragmented Bombs
ZU-23 cannon 23 mm
Cluster Bombs Group 15 DEFA cannon 30 mm
Thermobaric Bombs Stores Release & Ejectors Browning 0.50" M/C Gun
Practice Bombs Aerial Targets Weapon Systems & Parts
Fuzes & Accessories
BaLListic Protection

Group 12 Group 16 Group 40 Group 80
Ordnance Remote Control IR Countermeasures (Flares) Mirage support Electronics
Aircraft & Helicopter Gunships RF Countermeasures (Chaff) Alpha-Jet support Missile Electronics
Cannon Pod & M/C Gun Pod Impulse Cartridges (Squibs) Apache AH-64 support

Stores Release Cartridges Aircraft Brakes (Carbon-Carbon)

Aircraft Brakes (Sintering)