ZU-23 23 mm Cannon Upgrade


The ZU-23-2 system (calibre 23 x 152 mm) although designed in the 1950s remains a highly potent, reliable, versatile weapon system and in wide use in more than 50 countries including NATO. The upgrade kit by Ordtech is a modular one (various options to suit particular Customer needs) aims to overcome shortcomings of the original design and with the use of state of the art 21st century technology results to a much improved performance, kill probability and mobility.

The upgrade includes the following:
01. New
02. Gun grew training simulator
03. Gun servo control system
04. Optronic sight system, Laser Range Finder and autotracker
05. Advanced logistic system
06. Vehicle mounting

Rate of fire: 1000 r.p.m
Slant Range: 2500 m
Azimuth: 280 deg
Elevation: -10 deg to +90 deg
Reaction Time: 20 s