Rockets and Launchers 68 mm


ORDTECH 68 mm Rocket Launchers with 6 and 18 tubes and rockets 68 mm with various warheads HE, HEAT, TP. The launchers are suitable
for air-to-ground applications carried by fixed and rotary wing aircraft such as Mirage, Jaguar, Harrier, Alphajet, SF260, Puma, Gazelle and others.
All launchers F2 LR F4 and Type 155 come equipped with intervalometers. Testing and Ground Support equipment is also supplied.

68 mm Launchers F2 F4 Type 155 for SNEB 68 mm rockets

Mass without fuze : 4.0 Kg
Length without fuze (plugged) : 820.5 mm
Filling Type Standard : RDX / TNT 60 : 40 type ‘A’
Filling Mass : 545 15gr
Fuze : Fuze Rocket OMI-24A HE
Propellant : OMI-SNBB type, mass 1.5 Kg
Max. Pressure : 500 Kg at -40C 750 Kg at +70C
Shelf Life : 10 Years
Operating Temperature : -40C to +70C
Storage Temperature : Ambient
HE : High Explosive, employed to impact blast and crater effect.
HC : Hollow Charge, penetrates 300 mm thick homogenous armour steel
TP : Target Practice

Each Rocket packed in a laminated paper container.
Six (6) containers packed in a steel box with paper packing fittings.

Compatibility : E
Hazzard Division : 1.1