ALMOF-852 Fuze For Air Launched Mortar Bombs


A new generation of mortar fuzes, impact point detonating and air-burst proximity
(usable according to target type and tactical situation) was designed and developed
by ORDTECH specifically for use of mortar bombs of calibres 60 mm, 81 mm, 120 mm and 82 mm
and 120 mm Russian / Soviet / Warsaw Pact, to be carried and released by U.A.V and drones.
MORTAR Bomb 60 mm Air Launched (Drones) Fuze ALMOF-852
Conventional mechanically armed fuzes (Set-Back or Rotation) require mortar tubes, either smooth bored or rifled bore and propelling charges.
The new generation of fuzes developed use sophisticated electronic and electro-mechanical arming mechanisms
which allow safe arm and guaranteed performance when dropped from a
U.A.V or a multi-copter drone.

The mechanical interface between the new gen fuzes remains exactly the same as the standard ones used with mortar tubes so that a end user
can use the existing inventory of mortar bombs
of calibres 60 mm / 81 mm / 82 mm / 120 mm without the need of any modification whatseover.

Fuze ALMOF-852 for Air Launched (Drones) Mortar Bombs ORDTECH FUZING SYSTEMS

ALMOF-852 Fuze for Air Launched (Drones) Mortar BombsALMOF-852 Fuze for Air Launched (Drones) Mortar Bomb ALMOF-852