Pre-Fragmented (Shrapnel) Bombs


PFB-82 Pre-Fragmented 500 Lbs Bomb Production ORDTECH Proximity Air-Burst Fuze for AeriaL Bombs ORDTECH

Ordtech Pre-Fragmented Bombs are used against the following targets: personnel, non-armoured vehicles, lightly-armoured vehicles, landing craft.
Also for close air support against ammunition depots, barracks, communication centres, radar and air defence stations, etc. They require the use
of Doppler Proximity Air Burst Fuzes rather than ordinary fuzes. Air-Burst ensures optimum performance and enhanced lethality footprint.

PFB are produced to the same standards as Mk80 series GP bombs: Dimensions, Aerodynamic Characteristics, Mass, Center of Gravity,
Moments of Inertia, Drag and Stability. The PFB lethality effect is 4xfold to 10xfold compared to corresponding steel Mk80 series GP bombs.

PFB bombs are produced in 250 Lbs and 500 Lbs class as standard (PFB81, PFB82) and under special order in 1000 Lbs class (PFB83).
They are equipped with standard conical low drag tails MAU-93 and MAU-94 or can be equipped with high drag retarder tails upon application.

Fragments quantity and distribution and Lethality footprint comparison between GP steel bombs and PFB