Perseus Fuel Air Explosive Thermobaric Weapon


Perseus is a Fuel Air Explosive (FAE), in the 500 lbs and 1000 lbs class, sub-strategic, free fall (unguided) air weapon. Its function principle is thermobaric. It is used primarily against communications centers, missiles sites, invasion troops concentrations, helicopter landing zones and minefield clearance. Inertial-GPS guided version is offered as an option for increased precision and stand off range. A proximity fuze detonates at preset delay and releases 2 or 4 parachute retarded descending canisters. The canisters are detonated by individual fuzing and release a vapour cloud (aerosol). This cloud upon detonation causes multiple combined effects of extreme pressure, impulse, diffraction and surface drag.

Perseus : ancient Greek warrior who killed "The Medusa", a mythological creature, woman with snakes in the place of hair. The name comes from the verb "perthein" which means to destroy, eliminate, waste, ravage.