ORDTECH Mk80 Series General Purpose Bombs



250 Lbs


500 Lbs


1000 Lbs


2000 Lbs

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Mk80 General Purpose air ordnance warhead (casing) is relatively thin-cased with a slender body for improved ballistics. It is forged (closed die forging) from highest quality seamless steel tube. Two conduits for fuze lanyards connect the nose and tail fuze wells to the charging well. All wells except the lug wells are closed with metal or plastic plugs for shipping. Bomb base plug plate is fastened to body by locking pins embeded in the solidified filler of the bomb. Approximately 40% of the air weapon mass is explosive charge of various compositions.

Main parts comprising the bomb are the following : (excluding HE charge, tail fins and fuzes) : Bomb Body, Suspension Lugs, Nose Fuze Wel, Tail Fuze Well, Fuze Seat Liners, Charging Well, Closure Plugs, Forward Conduit, Rear Conduit, Fuze Seat.

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